France – Visiting the Landing Beaches

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One of the most popular destinations in Europe is Normandy, a region of northern France. The region’s name has become synonymous with the World War II beachheads , including Omaha Beach, site of the well-known D-Day landing.

I am reminded of a time in the lovely seaport town of Honfleur, one of my most loved spots in France. I heard a tourist inquire about getting to Normandy. How I wished to advise him of his whereabouts. He WAS in Normandy and would be visiting the Landing Beaches.

Other important sites are the rocky island of Mont-Saint-Michel and its soaring Gothic abbey. The city of Rouen, dominated by Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Rouen, is where military leader and Catholic saint Joan of Arc was executed in 1431.

Important products of the region are seafood, camembert cheese, apples, and Calvados , an apple brandy. The famous Benedictine liqueur originated in Fecamp. Visit the Palais Benedictine and enjoy a dram produced at the Benedictine Distillery.

How Does One Visit the Landing Beaches?

Escorted Coach Tours
There are countless tour companies that include the Landing Beaches as a destination. These tours may be multi-country or France only.

Cross-channel Experience
If London is in your itinerary and your desired route to France is via the English Channel and you have no car, I very much recommend a “battlefield tour”. There are companies that specialize in military history. You join the tour at Victoria Coach Station and board your coach for Dover and the cross-channel ferry.

The moderate costing includes two nights’ accommodation, excellent tour guides, meals, and your transportation. Do not expect a luxury experience. The hotels in the trip may be 2* but nonetheless clean and comfortable. Keep in mind the purpose of the tour. Your mates are serious devotees of history. You have the choice of returning to London or continuing your holiday in Europe. There are convenient rail journeys from Caen and Bayeux to Paris.

River Cruises
Cruise the Seine River from Paris roundtrip.  Your ship will call near Honfleur. Shore excursions always offer a visit to Omaha Beach and the American Cemetery .

Ocean Cruises
Your cruise itinerary may include calls at  Cherbourg, Calais, or Le Havre.  Another shore excursion opportunity.

Self-drive and Chauffeur Drive
Plan on at least two nights. One afternoon does not begin to cover the territory , which can include Mont St. Michel and the Bayeux Tapestry.

Try to arrange your visit to the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial to coincide with the flag lowering and taps at 4:00 pm. The memory will be forever lasting.

Private Guiding
Whenever possible (exception- escorted coach tours), private guiding is recommended. The Landing Beaches tour guides are extensively trained and knowledgeable. Further, you can custom design your own tour.

If you have requests for personal interests advise at the time of booking. Your guide will have you standing on the same spot as your relative or friend Costing is not inexpensive but worth every minute.

If you’re interested in learning more about this trip, please feel free to contact me personally.

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Mary Lou YeagerFrance – Visiting the Landing Beaches
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